Robotic Prostatectomy Service at The Christie Clinic

Posted November 23, 2015

Until the turn of this century, men being treated for prostate cancer in the UK had limited surgery choices which often involved large incisions and a variety of post-operative side effects. Over the last ten to 15 years, there have been significant developments in medical surgical technology which has had an impact on prostate cancer treatment and Prostatectomy (surgery to remove the prostate gland).

The da Vinci robotic surgery system is a state-of-the-art computerised platform that has revolutionised prostate cancer surgery, and facilitated Radical Prostatectomy, providing superior results when compared to non-robotic traditional procedures.

How The da Vinci Systems Works

Using this new computerised technology, the surgeon has a three-dimensional view of the patient’s prostate, and remotely controls tiny instruments passed down the robotic arms. The full 360-degree rotation of the tips of the instrument deliver a significant advantage over traditional laparoscopy; each time the surgeon moves one of the robotic controls, a computer sends an electronic signal to one of the instruments, which moves in sync with the movements of the surgeon’s hands.

Working together, the surgeon and robot can perform complete surgical procedures without the need for large incisions. Once the surgery is complete, the surgeonremoves the instruments from the patient’s body and closes the incisions.

Benefits of Robotic Prostate Surgery

The Robotic Prostatectomy is a minimally invasive surgical treatment and the precision of the system allows the surgeonto make highly accurate movements during prostate cancer surgery. This means that malignant tissue can be removedfrom a patient with excellent efficiency. This increased accuracy allows the surgeon to avoid damaging tissue around the prostate which improves the patient’s results; reducing incontinence rates and helping to preserve sexual function, and contributes to an overall shorter recovery period.

Mr Vijay Ramani is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at The Christie Clinic and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. He is a member of the North West Robotic Group and led the team which carried out the first procedure in the North West at The Christie Hospital in 2008. Since then, Mr Ramani and his colleagues have performed more than 700 Robotic Prostatectomies. The Christie Clinic is currently the only private provider in the North West to offer a fully comprehensive Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery Service.

The Christie Clinic is available to patients with private medical insurance and for those who wish to self-pay. For more information or to book an appointment with Mr Ramani please call 0161 918 7296.