Accessing our services

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and would like to be treated with us then there are number of ways to access our services. Generally you will need a referral from your GP, or the specialist who diagnosed your cancer. They can either refer you to a named consultant at The Christie Private Care, or make an open referral, in this case we can help you find a consultant with the skills to treat your cancer.

You may already have had some treatment at another hospital or have been advised of your treatment options. Some people may choose to seek a second opinion or to have part of their care at The Christie Private Care. It is possible to access these services directly with one of our named consultants. For more information contact us.

Funding your care

Private Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance we recommend that you contact your insurer directly to confirm that your treatment is covered. Your insurance provider will provide you with authorisation; we recommend you have this before making an appointment.

Self-funded care

If you may choose to self-fund your care or aspects of your treatment. Contact our team for more information about the cost of self-funding your care.

Corporate sponsorship

If your company has agreed to cover the cost of your treatment, you will need to provide a letter of guarantee, to authorise payment for your tests and treatment.

Government Sponsorship

If you are being sponsored by an international embassy, you will need to ensure your sponsor has provided us with a letter of guarantee before your appointment or any treatment.

If you would like further information about funding your care or advice on how to access our services please contact our team.