Expert Team

We have an expert team of Consultants, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals on hand 24 hours a day. Your named consultant will lead your care and work with colleagues to form a multidisciplinary care, this team will ensure you get the treatment that is right for you.

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Your named consultant is in charge of your care and any clinical decisions about your treatment plan. They will visit you at regular intervals while you are an inpatient, other members of the multidisciplinary team, who are involved in your care may join them. Your outpatient appointments will always be with your named consultant.

Here are some members of the medical team you may be in contact with during your treatment with us

  • Consultant –A senior doctor who demonstrates clinical excellence in their chosen specialty. For example, haematology or oncology.
  • Specialist Registrar – A qualified doctor who is undertaking further training in a specialised area to become a consultant.
  • Senior House Officer – A qualified doctor who is undertaking post registration training.
  • Resident Medical Officer – A qualified doctor who is based on the unit.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist – A specialist nurse who is trained to look after patients with cancer.
  • Nurse – A healthcare professional trained to look after patients.
  • Pharmacist – A healthcare professional qualified to prepare and dispense medication.
  • Physiotherapist – A healthcare professional qualified to treat patients using physical therapy, including exercise, education and advice.
  • Dietician – An expert on diet and nutrition who is on hand to advise patients.
  • Counsellor – A person trained to give psychological guidance and support to patients and their families through diagnosis, treatment and any follow up care.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

As part of your treatment at The Christie Private Care you will have access to a named Clinical Nurse Specialist most often referred to as a CNS.

A CNS is a nurse who has had specialist clinical training in a particular area of medicine, at The Christie Private Care your CNS will have had specialist training in caring for patients with your specific tumour group.

Your named CNS is available to support you throughout your treatment; they can answer any questions, provide relevant information and act as a liaison with other members of your medical team.

Cancer treatment is often complex and can involve the care of many different specialists; your CNS will help provide you with continuity of care.

At The Christie Private Care we are proud to work in collaboration with Macmillan, to offer our patients a named Macmillan CNS.