Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer to be diagnosed in women, with 45,500 cases diagnosed every year in the UK. This form of cancer is extremely rare in women within their teens and early twenties but as a woman’s age rises, so does the risk of developing breast cancer. One in nine women are affected at some point in their life.

Contrary to common misconception, men are also at risk of developing breast cancer. In comparison to breast cancer in women the risk of a man contracting breast cancer is rare, with around 300 cases diagnosed in the UK per year.

When detected early breast cancer can usually be cured, which is why screening and personal checks are vital. The Christie Private Care can offer guidance on screening options and what to do if you are concerned about screening results. Please email us about our breast screening programme or call us on 0161 918 7296.

Things to look out for

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Lump in breast – a lump within the breast (not generally painful) is one of the most common signs of breast cancer. Lumps within the breast do not necessarily denote cancer however, due to the nature of this disease, it is important to rule cancer out as a cause as soon as possible. In the case of cancerous lumps, the sooner treatment is started, the higher the rate of success. Therefore it really is imperative to see your doctor as soon as possible if you notice a lump within your breast
  • Changes in the size or shape of breast
  • Changes in breast tissue, such as thickening
  • Dimpling of breast skin
  • A lump under the armpit
  • Changes to the nipple including:
    • A rash which can be compared to eczema
    • A lump or thickening of tissue behind the nipple area
    • A discharge from the nipple which can be bloodstained
    • In some cases the nipple may turn in, becoming what is known as inverted

Most changes in women’s breasts are normal changes, developing with age or around your menstrual cycle. However, due to the nature and high occurrence of breast cancer in women, it is vital you speak to your doctor straight away if you have any concerns or notice changes or lumps within your breast(s).
The most common symptom in male breast cancer is a lump under the nipple, which is generally painless. Other common symptoms mirror those associated with female breast cancer. If you have any concerns or notice a lump, please consult your doctor straight away.